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drew keenser as well bc why the heck not

In the recent "Diet" post, in the extra picture down the bottom where you say "gay ass leaves", were you using "gay" as a negative adjective? I was surprised to see that on an otherwise positive page and I don't think I'll be following you any longer if you believe using "gay" in a negative way is okay. —Anonymous

i’m gay so no i’m not using it negatively. it’s a reference to a popular text post.

i know it’s perfectly possible to be ‘overweight’ and healthy at the same time but, dammit jim, burgers for 4 days in a row is not healthy. try eating a salad every now and then is that really so hard.

This is just a question, do you base your drawings on the TOS series or the new movies? I'm sorry if you've already answered this before, but I couldn't find it, and I'm curious. :3 —madam-mary-morstan

i think last time i answered this i said ‘aos with references to tos’ and i think that’s still true. the character designs are definitely aos.

his favourite memories are probably of joanna. he’s living the life he has on the enterprise but he’s never going to get back the moments he had with his daughter so he treasures them.




something like this

They were a couple already before his mom died, though. (since a year if you count the comics as canon and no, by the time they started dating he wasn’t her instructor anymore)

It’s a shame that these fans actually believe this.

Of course, you know Uhura’s “just taking advantage of an emotionally compromised Spock and he doesn’t feel anything for her at all and is only using her for sex until SHE realizes that he’s gay for Kirk”.

Is that about right?  

okay i’m a casual spuhura shipper and i didn’t know that they were together before his mum died so thanks for making me aware of that. this was absolutely not intended to cause any offense and i’m really sorry if it did.

something like this

if someone chooses not to get inebriated for whatever reason then it’s not up to you to decide that they’re wrong for choosing to do that, it’s up to you to respect their choices. slipping spock chocolate would be like spiking someone’s drink and i’m pretty sure spiking someone’s drink is illegal. 

Hello, I was wondering if it would be okay to use the picture of Spock crying about his mom as my profile pic on twitter? It's so cute that I can't handle it! —shadowsofdeceit

yeah sure. as long as you credit me then i’m fine with it. 

Hey, this is an amazing blog and you are an amazing artist. Don't worry if you can't update that often. It's well worth the wait. I hope you are having a great day and aren't too stressed out. —Anonymous

this actually means a lot bc i always worry that i don’t update enough pfptohr. so thank you!! thanks for the support and stuff.

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