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bee and beekeeper. non-spooky halloween costumes but it’s cu t e

send halloween themed asks. i’ll try to get as many as i can done by the end of october. here’s jim as a sexy pumpkin. 

apparently this blog turned 1 year old a couple days ago. w ow„

more like PUNpkin pie amirite

n e r d s

did you know that your blog popped up as one of those suggested blogs which i normally ignore but it was the "Uhura, what do you think of the boys?" and then you added "she's also got her girls and her non-binaries" and uh for that you get an immediate follow hello my name is chris i am nonbinary you are cool —heresyourdamnfries

oh wow sorry i appeared as a suggested blog bc that feature is literally the worst idea that tumblr ever had, but i’m glad you liked it. hope you have a good day, chris!

Do you have another account?? —Anonymous

only my main blog

Who is the male character you have been drawing who has white hair? I dont remember him from Star Trek. The one in the last picture with sick Bones... —Anonymous

this one?? 


she’s a common headcanon for reboot!janice rand, but i think in reboot canon she’s supposed to be lieutenant zahra

and spock??

well video games are obviously illogical.






video games are soooooo i l l o g i c a l SO ILLOGICAL

ok so the thing with the e written as three horizontal lines, is that a thing in star trek canon or just fanworks or?? like what is the dealio there —novakian

omg i’ve been asked that before on this blog. as far as i know it’s not a star trek thing, but someone i had a class with in my first year of college wrote their ‘E’s like how i do mine now so i started writing mine like that bc i thought it looked cool. 

Yeah sorry, I saw the 2 week thing after I sent it :( Didn't mean to pressure, it's just that I miss your drawings. —Anonymous

i’m slightly more active on the art tag of my main blog, so if it’s drawings specifically that you miss (like, not just ask answers), then you can check that out if you want.